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Over 94% of users surveyed report drinking less.



“…MODER8 is helping me with stress and limiting my drinking – I love it!...”

"...You have done something no one else in this field has done by creating your solution focused program and taking a truly positive approach to moderation…” 

"...The program helped me to get motivated again and get back involved in other activities and I am doing well!...Other people have definitely noticed a change in me...“

“…The people at MODER8 are really on to something. When I’m taking it, I drink half as much as I usually do. And I don’t feel like I have to have a beer in my hand all the time…”

“…MODER8 cuts the edge without making me feel “loopy.” I take it before I drink my wine and I’m satisfied with only one glass! I’ve been telling all of my friends about it. ..”

"...I spiraled worse trying to become alcohol-free on other "conventional" programs. Day 1 on MODER8 literally rescued me..."

Liz - Thanks so much for this site and the Moder8.. you have helped to change many lives!..."

"... Feels AMAZING to wake up New Years Day w/out a pounding headache or any regret! Day 5 alcohol-free here & feeling very positive about my path I am on..."