7-Day Alcohol Free Challenge & Moderate Drinking Tips

Kick-start your program by being coached through going seven days without drinking. Start with the video furthest to the left called “Getting Started,” then each day of the challenge watch the video intended for that day (which will be to the right of the previous day’s video) in order to get more ideas, online support and inspiration for that day.

You don’t think you can go a full seven days right away? Then set your expectations for the number of days you really plan to commit to, and know that once you reach that number you have accomplished your goal. The reason we give you this option is because many people have not gone a day without a drink for many years, and trying to set the bar too high can result in failure to achieve the goal due to unreasonable expectations – and “failure” in your mind can just add to an already low self-confidence with regard to controlling drinking. You may want to start out with a goal of 3-days the first time, and then build to the full 7-days later…or you may feel in your gut that you are ready to go the full 7 days, in which case GO FOR IT! Just know that anything you do is better than nothing, and you have to start somewhere to begin to learn the skills to get better control.

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